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Hi friends, I trust this finds you all in good health, and I am sure many of you wondered if you would hear from me again… well, I survived last year and thanks to you we raised just shy of £15,000 for the Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice.

Quite simply, NO! The 15 mile swim last year caught the attention of Arun District Council, who humbled me with a Chairman’s Community Hero award and during the introduction speech pointed out that they were watching with all eyes what I would be up to next. So there we go, The Swimming Gardener is a successful proven brand for community fundraising so I am here to stay!

Steve White and Ashlena

Me and Youngest daughter Ashlena with the Community Hero Award.

Which Charity This Year?
I am for 2012 only, fundraising for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. I personally know two families affected by Cystic Fibrosis, and the CF Trust has battled for years to help extend and improve the lives of the people who are born with CF.As we speak, and largely thanks to the wonderful work of many hundreds of people involved with the CF Trust, a gene therapy trial is taking place which could in future provide a cure for the condition.

For more information on the vision that the CF Trust has and how your money will be spent, click below:

What I will do for your money?
I will aside from training, swim nearly 70km for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust I have organised and entered the ‘Eight Swims of Hell’, in rivers, lakes, the Sea, and ending in September  with a 10km race in NEW YORK (self funded I hasten to add). I have already set my fastest time for the annual Swimathon 5km (1 hour 24 minutes), and May 26/27th I will be swimming in the Great London swim (currently 12 degrees) for one mile, and the FOLLOWING day a 10km, 3 hour race in Dorney Lake Eton (Also 12 degrees).

The cool spring has left water temperature well below average, but from past experience the more I shift out of my comfort zone, the more money I seem to raise. These are going to be extremely difficult swims, I can only describe the cold as being like eating Ice cream non stop for 3 hours, extreme brain freeze.

How can you help?
Let’s cut to the chase, the whole point of the gruelling training, the events, the admin and the travel is for one objective, to raise as much money as possible for those with the rough end of the stick. I was stunned at the way the community backed me last year and it has made me more determined than ever to continue but I can only do it with your help.

Read this from Nicole Allen, I was lucky enough to meet Nicole and family at The Great London Swim last year. Nicole describes what it is like suffering from CF:

Nicole Allen

“I try not to let Cystic Fibrosis rule my life but it’s very much part of my everyday life and I can’t ignore it because my health would suffer.

I know my priority has to be to keep up my routine of medicine, treatments and appointments to keep well and then I can enjoy my hobbies as much as possible. I’ve tried to choose hobbies that help my health and add to my physio routine.

Nicole Allen

I’m quite well at the moment but to stay like this my daily routine includes:-
2 physio sessions, 3 nebulisers, 4 puffers, 46 tablets, 3 lots of food supplement, 3000 calorie intake & 40ml liquid meds.

Last year I also had an episode of diabetes which CF people are prone to. Luckily I have stopped my insulin injections for now but will probably have to return to them when I need steroids again”

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