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 Thank you for coming to try out the Swimming Gardener’s Splash 4 Cash – your chance to help 2 superb charities and win £1000 in the process! Simply guess how far I will swim in 10 hours of sea and river swimming.

N.B If you have trouble receiving the entry form, or miss the link, then email your guesses to swimminggardener@btinternet.com or click ‘contact’ tab at the top!

The Route:

Starting 7.00am on September 14th 2013 I will set out from Worthing Pier and swim West towards the mouth of the River Arun. Upon entering the river (most likely against the flowing current) I will swim up to the Black Rabbit, Mill Road Arundel, turn around and swim back to the RNLI headquarters at Littlehampton. But how many metres will I cover in 10 hours?

Master Splash 4 Cash Route

Some useful hints to help you guess:

Here are some important pointers to help you guess: I can swim 5km in a pool in 83 minutes. I can swim 10km in a lake in 3 hours and 6 minutes. I can swim 12km in the sea in 4 hours 30 minutes and 11km in the river (current with me) in 2 hours and 40 minutes.

The Distance from start point to the turn point (Black Rabbit Pub, Mill Road, Arundel) is approximately 24,500m

The Distance if I make it back to Littlehampton from the turn point will be approx 35,000m.

Each donation of £10 ($15) will entitle you to 1 guess in metres, ie, 21,315m or 26,641m…

You can enter up to 10 in one go! So Don’t be shy, £20, £30,  £50 or more! £50 will give you 5 x the chance of winning!


HOW TO ENTER: (Secure)

  • Make your donation in multiples of £10, so £50 gets you 5 guesses (there is room for 10 on the form.) You will then be sent a thank you email, please follow the link on it to ensure you are taken to the entry form to make your guesses.

  • Enter your guesses and hit send (if you have more than 10 then re visit the site via the email link again)

  • You will receive a confirmation email in the following days to verify your booking.

  • Sit back and let me suffer on your behalf. Closing point for entries will be 10.30am on the day of the swim. 

  • Good Luck and remember The Prize money DOES NOT come from your sponsorship so all of it goes to the charities.

Splash 4 Cash Rules:

  1. The Splash for cash is a skill based competition interpreting the data given on the Splash 4 Cash Guidlines. Distances of previous swims/times/ tide times are for guidance only. The swim can also be affected by wind speed, varying water currents, fatigue or injury.
  2. In the event of the swim being cut short before the 10th hour has elapsed due to injury or emergency the nearest entry will be deemed the winner. If it is cut short before the 5th hour, the distance swum will be doubled and the nearest entry will be deemed the winner.
  3. If a guess is submitted, and the distance has already been booked, we reserve the right to adjust your guess up or down to the nearest available metre. You will be emailed prior to the swim to confirm this providing you have booked a guess at least 48 hours before the event date of September 14th.
  4. In the event of the result falling equidistant between 2 guesses, the first entry submitted will be deemed to have won.
  5. Prize money will be £1000 sterling paid by cash, cheque or bank transfer.
  6. The swim will take place up to a force 6/7, but should a storm threshold be reached or predicted during the first 6 hours of the swim, then postponement by up to 7 days shall take place.
  7. The distance of the swim will be measured in metres by GPS Trackers on the support vessels. In the event of GPS failure, the exact location will be marked and the adjudicators reserve the right to use Google Maps to authenticate the measurement.
  8. The adjudicators decision is final.
  9. If by any chance I drop dead halfway through, the gps signal is lost and the boat sinks, you may have to wait a bit for the money but it will be there! At least I died trying :-)


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 Jeremy Silverthorne



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