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Just a few days left until the big Splash4Cash (Sept 14th)!

Well I have been hard at it both in and out of the water to make this swim a unique success, and I have to be honest, this has been an exhausting campaign! To date, we have managed to raise just over £2000 and I am hoping that if everyone is true to their words, then much more to come! The £1000 prize fund is a HUGE carrot to dangle, so once again, a big thanks to Shoreham Vehicle Auctions and Jeremy Silverthorne Fine Jewellery.


The last few weeks has been busy preparing for the big splash4cash, with training cut to just two long swims per week (due to an on-going tendon injury in the arm), it has given me more time for targeted fundraising, blogging and tweeting away! I have carried out Worthing to Littlehampton swims, Goring to Worthing Swims, swims on the Isle of Wight, swims to Ferring from Goring, in fact swims everyplace I can think of. This has been particularly hard for me this year as my health regarding the DVT in my right thigh is still not back on track and fatigue sets in routinely while my body repairs the damage from the blood clot.

One unique problem which we will face on the day is entering the harbour at Littlehampton when the tide is still on the way out. On 24th August at the crack of dawn I attempted this on one of the biggest tides of the year and got a swift lesson in who’s boss. Suffice to say the river won and I spent a great deal of time swimming against a wall of water going nowhere fast! Fortunately on Splash4cashday, the tide is much smaller and the latest attempts have proved that on the day it will be easier to manage, with very little progress for a while… I’m am so pleased to announce that the amazing Mr Nick Tree from the Littlehampton Action Boat will be supplying the escort boat on the day for me, I am so grateful for his help.

Remarkable experience with ‘Boris’ the Seal:

On Sunday 1st September, I set out with my swim buddy Mike Latham from the Littlehampton Swimming centre to practice swimming into the harbour. I had a slight leak in the right goggle lens so stopped to adjust it. On turning round, I had the fright of my life to see a large black bull Seal a few yards behind me, head poking out of the water. I yelled to Mike, but he could not hear me and carried on. I swam a few yards closer to Mike in time to see the seal roll over and shoot off into the murky water. This time I got Mike’s attention with a great deal of swearing and we both stopped to watch the seal (Boris) and Boris watched us from a few feet away.

I have to say we were both pretty nervous (we were after all in his environment and they can be known to take a bite of a ‘rival’). Boris continued behind us (pretty unnerving) for about 20 minutes, managing to swim under Mike and one point nudge my leg (Or nibble, I can’t be sure which!) Boris evidently became bored or hungry, and returned to the shallows, but the experience was without doubt one of the most remarkable and unnerving of my swimming career to date!


I’m pleased to announce the arrival of some wonderful donations recently, with the likes of D&A Motors,Raw Energy Pursuits, Active Pump Services, Rabbit Group, The Build Works and JXP Consultancy (among many others and individuals) which has seen the appeal go over the £2000 with plenty of pledges yet to come. Businesses will get Linked advertising on the Swimming Gardener Website for 2 years, as well as a chance to enter the Splash4Cash. The Swimming Gardener brand is certainly starting to get about now, I had a spell on the BBC Sussex Breakfast a few weeks back in which I had a chance (among other things) to talk about the swim, and on Monday September 16th, 9.00pm, Skyliving will appear in an episode of ‘Fat The Fight Of My Life’ with  American Fitness Guru Jessie Pavelka.

The BBC Interview can be heard here

Help for the Charities:

I am once again humbled by the level of support received, and as you are aware, I am swimming this year again for The Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice and 20% goes to the amazing organisation of the RNLI. My motivation for the Chestnut Tree House, is to help them help those families who are perhaps not as fortunate as you and I, I can barely imagine the pain of losing a child or young adult, and the work that they do on behalf of all of us is beyond my comprehension.

Likewise, the RNLI are the only emergency service who put there lives on the line every time they are called, and is entirely voluntary, so please dig down, dig in and give me the chance to let you win £1000 whilst going to bed with a warm glow from having helped!

And now the important bit: (and the £1000 carrot!)

I am working my backside off to make this one a success, because I believe this is a great template for future events, remember, EVERY PENNY COUNTS, your bit really is the easy one, I’ll do the hard work and that is a promise!

To enter (and you can enter as many times as you like) click here:

OR if you wish I can arrange to collect a cash donation and your guesses.

Best regards and thank you in advance for your help,
Steve & Boris (07973) 662772.

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